11.16.15 – Vomit

Motorcycle ride on a beautiful November day

Morning sickness

Pull over to the side of the road

Rip off helmet


Car full of dudes drive by, honk and catcall.

6 thoughts on “11.16.15 – Vomit

  1. Ugh another reminder that your body is public space. Open to be declared beautiful, ugly or illegal.

    Thank you for writing this.

  2. Ran across this b/c of a Facebook feed. Thanks for writing this. People should not be afraid to talk about aboration (regarding the desire to have one, the need to have one, and/or having had one.) It’s a toilet-bowl decision to have to make in the first place. Sorry you had to make it.

  3. Thank you for restoring my belief in our citizens. Thank you for sharing such an intimate experience and speaking out against the shame so many women feel. Your life, your choice. Good for you.

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